Brittany seeks to become a well-rounded mountain traveler. In pursuit of that lifetime goal she has led four international expeditions on some of the world’s highest peaks, honed water ice skills on the massive drips of the Canadian Rockies, climbed long alpine rock routes in the North Cascades, completed multiple winter ascents of Rainier, speed climbed and skied local peaks, and completed twenty-five solo, unsupported ultra-distance mountain runs—without overuse injury. While pregnant with her daughter, she continued progressing on ski, foot, and fingers in the mountains through all forty weeks of pregnancy. Her work has been featured in Elle, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Us Weekly, She Explores podcast, and has been translated into seven different languages. On recovery days she fly-fishes and stalks grouse with gusto.

Brittany holds Wilderness First Responder and AIARE Avalanche II as well as a BA in Political Science from the University of Washington. To advance her knowledge of the physiology of endurance she has studied in the cadaver lab and as a home birth doula. Her professional experience includes a decade planning and implementing large-scale public health programs on four continents. 


photo credits to Ryan Audett and Maryanna Brown


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