Webinar: Mindful Endurance


Webinar: Mindful Endurance



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Monday, December 17th, 12pm Pacific

Sure, you know how to eat well and how to work hard but how have you approached training your mind?

Look forward to learning about the use of meditation, prayer, somatic meditation, visualization, and lucid dreaming in the context of your endurance practice. This session will provide an overview of the types of mental habits an athlete can cultivate to support their endurance practice. Things will get a little freaky but don't worry: I'll keep it all grounded in evidence. Maslow, Lorde, and Watts all made the resource list.

I've practiced lucid dreaming for over twenty years, meditation for seventeen years, and I've supported these modalities in my coaching with spirit-athletes since 2012. These tools are more about learning to be curious throughout our athletic/artistic process and less about arriving at answers.

Join me for an hour via Zoom as I break down the basics of Mindfulness for Athletes:

  • What’s the point?

  • Types of practices including meditation, somatic meditation, visualization, and lucid dreaming.

  • How to learn these forms of mindfulness

  • Tools and resources to support your practice

Q&A following the event.

All course participants will receive a link to the audio recording following the event. You may choose to join live or simply pre-submit your questions and listen in later. I’ve also added the option of gifting this event to a loved one - cause you asked.