Webinar: Your Zones


Webinar: Your Zones


Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019 at noon Pacific

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You work hard, but do you work smart? With limited time to train and mountains looming large in your imagination I can help you understand how to most efficiently allocate your time in motion. I, for one, want to be sure my clients train smart rather than by pace.

For those of you who have already worked with me either individually or in the ANS or mindfulness webinars, this is a great extension of the previous material–consider it ‘continuing education’. For those of you with whom I’ve not yet worked, this is a logical first step. This session will equip you with useful instruction and a lot of curiosity to employ on your next foot, finger, or ski sessions.

In this one-hour session we’ll cover:

  • What are heart rate zones?

  • Why should I use this as a training metric instead of pace/distance/etc?

  • How does working in heart rate zones support a healthy nervous system?

  • Zones for nutritional efficiency

  • The various ways to test heart rate zones

  • How to measure heart rate (zones and variability)