SHE Explores POdcast

Interview on the hows and whys of an athletic pregnancy and postpartum.

"The range of 'normal' in pregnancy is massive."

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I want to share this really positive, supportive experience with people, while communicating that this is possible for anyone.

Luck has nothing to do with a healthy, functional pregnancy in which the athlete continues to progress on her path.

Womb Warriors Podcast

Hour-long interview spanning physiology, culture, and the patriarchy.

"Right now we have the opportunity to reimagine what it means to be a female athlete. Pregnancy isn’t a symptomatic experience. We can reframe it to something that is respected."

She Explores podcast

Featured as part of an episode on women who work in our National Parks and Forests

"The parallels to a Huffington Post article earlier this year by Kathryn Joyce were both unfortunate and uncanny. There are too many stories like Brittany's to not tell them."