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Gait Analysis

Gait Analysis


In order to prevent injury and expend the least amount of energy in order to accomplish your mountain task, let's optimize your gait. 

Run with me

- One in-person session on trail

- Feedback and exercises to take home

- Winthrop, WA only

Presented in partnership with the Okanogan National Forest.

Past clients say:

“The new gait is working really well. I’m focusing on bringing my left in more towards center, keeping my hands low and spine upright. My foot is feeling SO MUCH BETTER - I won’t say completely healed, but the discomfort is minimal and I can do the stretching and rolling after the runs so that the next day I’m ready to go again. For the last few weekends, I have been running back to backs (a huge accomplishment in itself since last year I wasn’t able to do that at all with the injuries). Thank you!”

“In one hour, she made several suggestions that when I fixed by focusing on correction, I could then run with a 20 lb pack on with no pain and 10 times the longevity as before our gait analysis meeting.”