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Holistic Alpinism: Intro to Outdoor Rock

Holistic Alpinism: Intro to Outdoor Rock

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This course is specially designed to be a culmination point for you in the arc of our coaching work or as an immersive introduction to coached mountain work. Upon completing this course, you will be confident belaying a climber and following a leader on a sport route.

This concept, holistic alpinism, is new and I believe revolutionary. Not only will you accumulate the technical skills necessary for safe travel on the rock environment, you will learn the self-care and mental habits in order to make your experience a joyful and sustainable one over time. On this course, expect fully-catered, fresh lunch; a suite of fresh new group gear to use while on course; and to learn the skills you’ll need to safely belay and follow a more experienced climber. We tailor technical and heart-centered skills to each participant’s interests and experience. Think of our time together on the rock as one part each endurance coaching, mindfulness retreat, leadership workshop, and rock climbing clinic.

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