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The SHT: Rock + Run

The SHT: Rock + Run


Trail Running and Rock Climbing Camp

Sep 20 - 24th, 2019

Superior Hiking Trail

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Join mountain endurance coach, Brittany Aäe, and certified yoga instructor, Emily Carlson, for a long weekend on Beaver Bay, Minnesota.

Together we will practice trail running and rock climbing on the beautiful cliffs and forests of the Superior coast. On running days, we will focus on efficient gait, proactive self-care on the move, and how to treat yourself like an athlete––we will even pack Tenkara USA rods to cast a few at our destination lakes and streams. On climb days, we will cover the basics from tying in and equipping yourself to basic climbing technique, belaying, and rappelling.

We will base out of a cozy cabin near the trails and crags where your hosts will cook delicious meals, teach yoga classes for athletes, and lead meditations tailored to aid in your recovery and integration of our mountain work. We will move every morning and host clinics on evidence-based endurance training each afternoon.

Investment: $800 individual. Includes guide’s fees, permits and insurance, luxurious meals, accomodations, and technical gear. You will bring your own helmet, harness, and shoes for the rock portion as well as personal running gear.

Join us as you move through the mountains and into yourself.