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Pregnant Athlete E-course <Sixth Cohort>

By popular demand, I've designed a four-part, live, e-course spanning common myths about pregnant athleticism, preparing to have a durable pregnancy, as well as pregnant and postpartum athleticism. This course will include emerging evidence on why pregnancy acts as the best legal, natural performance enhancement, practical tips to get the most out of your own athletic pregnancy, and exercises for you to take home.

This cohort is designed for athletes trying to conceive, pregnant, and newly postpartum.

The Birth Professional Cohort is currently recruiting. We will meet each Tuesday at 9am Pacific via Zoom. Space is very limited as I wish for this course to be collaborative allowing participants to build a community of like-minded professionals and ask a ton of questions.

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What participants are saying:

"I wish every pregnant woman had this course!" - P. R.

"There are moments where I definitely feel uncertainty about what I should be doing, but this class is helping me listen to what I truly need or want to do, not what I "should do" which is incredibly empowering and freeing, like a good long run." - K. G.