yurt-style journalling between surf sessions, Westport, 2015

Hi peaceful beings,

I've mentioned my interest in Arno Ilgner's The Warriors Way and its philosophic bent. His dispatches are excellent in their balance between the active and dormant aspects of the sustainable athletic progression. In the interest of this yin season of growth, I'm sharing here an excellent suggestion from Ilgner's most recent newsletter.

Too often we, as serious athletes, feel a driving urgency to accomplish, to grow, to do something. But without intentional rest (not just not working out) training stimulus lacks the necessary space in which to integrate physically and mentally.

Practice Tip: Do Nothing

Take five minutes each morning to do nothing. Find a place to sit (outside is best) and don’t meditate, contemplate, drink coffee, eat... Just sit there and do nothing. Doing this can be amazingly difficult because we’re so busy and feel we need to constantly do something.

Doing nothing can settle the mind and body so we can then effectively do something.
— Arno Ilgner

This morning I took Ilgner's permission to heart and just stared at nothing. Carving out the clean space in which to do sacred nothing is paradoxically necessary for me to run really, really fast.