a gnostic moment in the desert, Joshua Tree, 2015

Where there is Yoga there is prosperity and bliss with freedom.
— Invocation to Patanjali

Hi fellow seekers,

Now that many of you have begun a meditation practice you'll experience what often comes next: not meditating.

Consistent meditation practices often fall fallow, go astray, lay untouched for a period of days or even years. My own mindfulness practices have languished the last couple months as I worked through some athletic and personal goals.

The tendency of the meditator is to mentally punish herself for straying from the path. Instead, just begin again. And again. And again ad infinitum.

Cultivating beginner's mind, whether you have practiced sitting for decades or only a couple times, is the way to build a consistent, fruitful meditation practice and the point of the practice. The path, the means, and the result. Isn't that neat? You can learn more about beginner's mind here in an excellent talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh. 

Here's to new beginnings, mindful beings.