happy place, Dec 2015

I am full of gratitude to be on a spiritual journey in this capable, ever-hungry vehicle.

today I skiied alone in environment if not in body, feeling the rhythm of my faithful kicks uphill in pristine powder. only my tracks existed and even they had disappeared each time I turned back on myself for another lap in the storm. the warmest winter cloud air swirled around me, I removed my gloves and hat allowing the wetness to congeal on my forehead as I sped uphill, to drip off my curls down my back, to cake the backs of my pumping hands. 

I worked hard, diligently, steadily, with trust and nature and my spiritbody revealed as yet untold secrets to me. ravens pecked an already-denuded ribcage nearby. every tree donned flykke reminding me (sorely) of the shaggy giants back home. and my rounding belly, the opposite of weighing me down, grounded me by deepening my reserves. and when I was finished I was far from done. 

I'll return again to ski alone tomorrow.