my first solo, unsupported fifty miler. some funny comments in here!

Yo manic mountain mavens,

At the inception of MN, I was training for my first solo, unsupported hundred miler. Along the way I ran a couple fifty milers (one totally at night) and numerous fifty kms all in the style I love best--alone. Altogether I ran a thousand miles over a few months and my body loved it! One key aspect of successful, injury-free training for these massive mountain mileages was my employment of cyclic training. 

When I first got started with this training modality in 2012 there weren't many resources to learn about intentional rest and how to best take advantage of nature's and my own cyclic existence. Cyclic training is relevant to all endurance disciplines: mountain bikers, runners, backcountry skiiers, alpine climbers. I hope this new menu offering bolsters my current clients' practices and helps introduce a few new faces to the ranks of the athletically merciful. 

I hope you're all out in the hills alternately taxxing your body and being oh so kind to it.





As increasing science surfaces to support the employment of strategic rest, many of my clients have begun requesting support as they plan out their next few months' mountain practice. This is a great introduction to strategic training for anyone who has experienced overuse injury, illness related to overtraining, and those who plain don't know where to begin working toward an athletic goal. We'll learn together how to harness the natural energetic and sport-specific fluctuations of the season change from spring to summer.