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Bodywork trifecta

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back in 2010 I was introduced to the concept of treating my body like an athlete does. this spelled the end of late nights drinking beers after lazy gym sessions and marked the beginning of daily doubles beginning with ten-pitch 6am sessions or early runs on the mountain. with this significant lifestyle shift came the need for supportive self-care practices to prevent illness and injury.

I've enjoyed receiving acupuncture since 2002 but didn't have much experience with chiropractic and massage. I thought massage was overly self-indulgent and initially braced against the violent cracking of traditional chiropractic treatments. over the last six years I've developed an optimal bodywork trifecta.

whether you have time for treatment weekly, monthly, or can only spare a quarterly tune up I highly recommend mountain athletes use bodywork in the recovery and training processes. for readers in the Seattle area, I've included below a list of my favorite bodyworkers to get you started. 

in wholeness.


Massage: Alex Sollek

Acupuncture: New Leaf Natural Medicine

Community Acupuncture: Pincushion

Chiropractic: The Balanced Spine

Brittany Aäe