Cougar Mountain mornings, credit Jacob Hase

Remember summer camp as a kid? This one will contain just as much nature and way less awkward.

Past running series have been a hit and I missed them so much I created this camp. Enjoy the first bite of autumn with other like-minded athletes and learn about building a sustainable running practice. Great for folks training for the Seattle Marathon or half.

Work a 9-5? No problem. We'll have you to your cubicle on time.

Tuition decreases if more people sign up so invite your friends and share this on social media! You don't have to currently run on trails to enjoy this series you just need a regular running practice. Great for maintaining your summertime fitness into the beautiful Pacific Northwest autumn.

Each day has a coaching theme and each day will be on a different mountain loop. Participating in this camp will help you build a repertoire of beautiful runs to share with your friends--or you can just hoard the knowledge for your own enjoyment.

Please email me with any questions and don't worry I'll send out a detailed orientation package well in advance. Hit the 'DO IT!' button to hold your spot.

With heart.