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Mindfulness Series: beginning

sitting with the changing trees, 8 Mile

Many of my coaching clients ask me how to begin a meditation practice in support of their lofty alpine dreams. Inspired by a crisp morning spent sitting, breathing, and being still with the aspens and ponderosas I've prepared this practical guide to your first meditation.

You don't need to have a lot of stuff, an able body, or a specific skill. All meditation requires of the meditator is the ability to begin over and over into infinity.

What you'll need:
- Five or more minutes of uninterrupted time
- Comfortable clothing
- A pillow to lift the hips (optional)
- A willing heart

Sit comfortably on your bum with your legs crossed, hips elevated, and hands wherever they can rest comfortably. If you're unable to do that, sit up in a chair. If you are ill or differently able you can meditate just as effectively while lying in bed. 

Next, close your eyes and notice your breathing. Don't feel like you need to change anything. If your mind wanders or becomes populated with something other than the present moment just watch those thoughts pass you by and continue breathing.

Do this for five minutes or more as often as you like.

This is part one of what could grow into a long series of posts. I've been meditating since I was fourteen and am fired up to share this enriching, simple, challenging practice with others. Let me know what you think of this post to keep the next one coming!


Brittany Aäemindfulness