after a climbing session, Mazama, thirty-six weeks pregnant

as a pregnant athlete and now as a coach of pregnant athletes, I observe a broad spectrum of how healthy pregnancies look. for some people, daily walks and delicious yoga is the healthiest thing. for others, vigorous skiing or climbing works the best. the point is: we all have valid experiences of pregnancy.

in this blog, as well as in my metamorphosing book, sharing my story is meant to establish one (extreme) end of the spectrum of pregnancy so we may calculate 'normal' from that expanded point of reference. in most media sources, the normative pregnancy experience expressed is a symptomatic, uncomfortable, ill one and while those experiences are perfectly normal many women want to and can experience pregnancy as I did.

I am passionate about coaching endurance athletes of all types through all reproductive stages including not-pregnant, pregnant, postpartum, and through menopause. please read more popular posts below and contact me to start consulting together on your athletic practice.