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Brittany Raven

grounding down, cr. Lydia Zamorano

Pushing our bodies is part of getting stronger. But if it's all fire all the time, we might fizzle out.

Sometimes if we go too hard and don't nourish ourselves properly with nutrient dense food and rest we start to plateau, or worse decline in efficiency and progress. And at it's height some people are even diagnosed with over training syndrome

One thing that I've used in the last seven years is a Taoist principle called the 70% rule. 

Rule is kind of a dirty word so let's say it's a suggestion.

The invitation is after we ascertain our true 100%, then we slow it down to about 70% on most days. You could make a ratio of once a week you go 100% and the rest you go 70%, or less or more than that.

Everyone has a different sweet spot. And if your athleticism is your career it might be different than someone who's a recreationalist. With this in place, there's potential for most of the time feeling energized and having reserves for all the other life stuff: like family, friends, work, growing your own food, being part of community or global initiatives.

I'm sure most of you already know a lot of this but I hope some of it can be useful to you.

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