sunset near home, Dec 2015

slowing down is a choice. 

I choose to rebuke society's narrow notions of what the female body is capable of and to glide with the eagles, over the snow, the only human out here for miles. 

prenatal yoga is just chatter; heavily modified workouts are for the birds. there is no need to compromise, no need to give up, no need to mistrust my hardwon reliable endurance. I will not caveat my running with "as long as I can", my climbing with "as long as it feels good", or my skiing with "as long as I keep my balance". I will continue, my body will not fail.

though the body may betray me in shape it never fails in performance. on the snow, trail, and rock, even now at eight months pregnant, I often forget my loathsome roundness and feel thoroughly normal, vigorous, capable. society could use a collective forgetting of the limiting notions we've built around the female body. let's, together, reimagine limits or dispose of them altogether.

slowing down is a choice I refuse to make.