increased stimulus + recovery = adaptation

this is the 2 + 2 = 4 of athletic training. somehow, in the course of our fearful approach to pregnancy, this trusty basic gets lost.

instead of quitting running, shaving down your mileage, or shaming yourself out of an anaerobic hill session reframe your opportunity for athletic growth as a pregnant runner. recognize that pregnancy gives each basic movement increased stimulus. choose to view your extra baby weight as a custom progressive weight vest giving you a little extra every week as you get stronger. choose to see your increased blood volume as an opportunity to increase your hematocrit and thus your cardiovascular performance. choose to interpret your more flexible joints as a call for increased weight training to stabilize using stronger muscles.

the natural pair of your obligatory increase in stimulus is the importance of rest. after your long run, big ski tour, or session on your project, yin out like it is your job. choose an epsom salt bath over a social engagement. kick back with your feet up rather than putter around the house. ask your partner to prepare your venison burger and berry smoothie recovery meal. chill the fuck out, then get back at it. 

as with most things worthwhile this is simple and difficult. if you put in the work you can continue to run ultra distances during pregnancy and quickly again thereafter - it is a choice you can make many times a day. keep at it, mountain lover, and I will too.


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