San Francisco Bay, Mar 2016

our anti-science, misogynistic, cultured notions about pregnancy would have us believe that pregnancy equals athletic entropy, that the pregnant woman must 'slow down' or otherwise alter her activity. WRONG

during pregnancy many women become discouraged by the initial physiologic changes. these changes can be disheartening. however, the pregnant body can and will adapt to the added stimulus of a metered weight gain (think: training with a weight vest), the increased blood volume (think: legal blood doping), and the slowed digestion (think: increased calorie-for-calorie nutritional efficiency).

as all athletes know, increased stimulus + appropriate recovery = adaptation. you have evolved to get stronger, faster, and fitter while pregnant.  

I've discovered that pregnancy is a gifted athletic state, a state in which I have grown immensely as an athlete. many other women are also choosing to experience pregnancy with a growth mindset (just check out #pregnantathlete!). by choosing to view early pregnancy as an acclimatization period, I was able to surpass my non-pregnant athletic performance in all three trimesters across many athletic disciplines. 

I am not especially gifted as an athlete and trust that others can experience marked athletic growth while pregnant also. visit this post and sign up for coaching with me to learn how.