diligence pays in joy.

being an endurance athlete is a series of constant choices. the diligence you chose before pregnancy affects your pregnant performance. the diligent choices you continue to make throughout your athletic pregnancy directly correlate to your ability to continue running in comfort. additionally, they positively contribute to your baby's development and make your postpartum period that much easier.

but really you didn't start ultra running for your fetus or your postpartum body; you began this dedicated practice because it leads you to joy. you began this practice because it reminds you of your inherent goodness, because you feel useful when you immerse yourself within it, because the many miles on trail give you answers to your most perplexing problems, because training is just as luscious as event day.  

recapture that joy by maintaining your practice whether you feel terrible, powerful, normal, huge, or light. there is nothing quite as motivating as witnessing one's own successes.

it frustrates me when the uninitiated comment how 'lucky' I am to be climbing, skiing, running, and training this well this late in my pregnancy. I want to stamp my feet and scream 'I am not a natural athlete! I make hundreds of choices a day that allow this lifestyle to be possible!' the bad news is, sustainable athletic performance takes work. the good news is that work, well, works - no one is a natural ultra runner and everyone can choose to work diligently.

we, as pregnant athletes, are no more victims of our bodies than we were before becoming pregnant. the choices you make at every meal, every bedtime, before, during, and after every training session matter deeply. you are in control of your destiny as an athlete.

no excuses, do what you can today and discover more joy in your mountain practice tomorrow. promise.