capitalize on unpumpability

true story: upon first becoming pregnant I discovered a pregnant athlete superpower - I was unable to get pumped. I tested this by climbing the roof at my favorite gym tirelessly, by hiking long stretches of liebacking at Joshua Tree without a vein popping out of my sinewy hands, and now continue reaping the benefits of this physiologic phenomenon by climbing a letter below redpoint grade at THIRTY-NINE weeks pregnant.

sound too good to be true? it is not. it is science.

while we as a culture spend so much time focused on the perceived fragility of the pregnant physiology, many climbers happily, safely, and studiously progress through the grades late into pregnancy. a fancy bodily wingding at our disposal that causes this unpumpability is: increased blood volume (and for some, increased hematocrit) which is able to easily dilute the build-up of lactic acid in worked forearms. no lactic acid, no pump. it is that simple.

so next time you belly up to your favorite steep, pumpy route whether outside or in the gym, preggo, be confident knowing you have forearms like no other flat-bellied climber in the gym. yours are much more powerful.