yinning out after a double training session, thirty-eight weeks

the other day it dawned on me: I'm not only an expert at training, I'm an expert at recovery and self care.

I know how to heal broken bones quicker and more completely than medical doctors can believe. I have, innumerable times, guided my traumatized organs and muscles through their rebuilding process. I understand recovery from a cellular to a structural to a spiritual strata.

lately, as the naysayers realize that I really will keep climbing and running comfortably through the duration of my pregnancy, the message has shifted to my recovery. fear, doubt, anger, danger danger mom shame is all being lobbed in my direction by those who fear their own bodies, who are angry with their own birth experiences, and from those who do not understand their own infiniteness I hear doubt. this makes me sad for others who do not know themselves as well as I know myself.

I anticipate my recovery postpartum will be quick and will leave me whole again, even stronger and wiser than before. my body requires movement to heal so it would be strange if I went more than a few days without running and climbing after giving birth. my body craves the wholesome nutrients, wild meats, regular massage and acupuncture, and deep sleep I've given it in recovery for the last decade. 

as I always say about my ultras and big climbs: recovery begins before the event. I will begin the event of birth with a tank full of yin.