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Pregnant Rock Climbing: Tip #1

originate movement from the core and floor

this should be a non-lesson as all rock climbers should already move with awareness of their dai mai, Mūla Bandha, pelvic floor, transverse abdominus, psoas, whatever you want to call it - all of those deep, subtle, injury-preventative core faculties. however, as a non-pregnant climber, it is possible to use other muscles to compensate for a weak or unaware core.

we are all capable of developing an intimate awareness of the muscles that make me feel like I am soaring on the wall at thirty-eight weeks pregnant.

dance and yoga give an athlete an excellent education on how to move with a mindful core and floor. as my ballet instructor always told me as a child: move as though a string were pulling up from the top of your head. in yoga class this same theme persisted with the engagement of Mūla Bandha before initiating powerful movement. the quality of buoyancy during movement comes from the strong, engaged pelvic floor and the supportive core. 

sensing this lifting, tucking, girdling, undergirding strength is of vital importance as a pregnant rock climber. with a keen awareness of one's transverse and psoas, it is possible to climb hard all the way through pregnancy while avoiding injury - yesss! there are many ways to develop this awareness among them are massage, self massage, sex, yoga, dance, a personal trainer, and a good ol' sit down with an anatomy book. 

what a wonderful opportunity to deepen in self-awareness.