begin a new project

some folks stop lead climbing during pregnancy then feel unmotivated by the prospect of top roping for the next number of weeks or months. no need to be discouraged, pregnant climber! guess where the best place is to work your new project? on top rope.

choose something tough at the beginning of your pregnancy (or continue working on the route you already have been working) but add a weight vest throughout your first trimester. the weight vest will do a great job mimicking your later-pregnancy weight and will ensure that you can use the whole gestation to puzzle out your big project's moves. 

your technical diligence will allow you to continue developing your skill and movement throughout your pregnancy. among the climbing-specific benefits I've experienced during this pregnancy: inability to get 'pumped' (= no forearm fatigue), increased mental focus, faster recovery time, and more flexible joints. 

the best part of projecting while pregnant? once you take off that progressive weight vest (err, after you give birth) your power-endurance while climbing will be through the roof! expect to send, girlfriend.