the diaphragm is a pressure device

this is a note meant to discount the strange idea that an inevitable 'pregnancy symptom' is shortness of breath. if you feel short of breath you can do two things:

  1. train for pregnancy and you will acclimatize (just as one might to altitude)
  2. decrease the pressure in your abdominal cavity. 

the diaphragm is a pressure device. with your powerful transverse abdominus engaged to keep your posture upright while running, they add quite a squeeze to the gut. the pressure applied by an athletic set of abs is necessary for stability and for generating power in your legs and hip flexors, yet a hindrance for your poor diaphragm.

in order to allow that overworked muscle (yes, your diaphragm is also a muscle) to expand fully, take some of the pressure off your belly. you mountain mommas will breathe deeper with the support of a belly band while running. choose your brand, I'm not shilling them. slap one on and breathe a little deeper. ahhh.


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