I am here to remind you: you are an animal. you may think your sentience, bipedal gait, or ability to make and use tools makes you special or somehow different. they donโ€™t.

politics bore me as one side plays martyred victim helpless to the other side who keeps throwing trillions on the Orwellian war bonfire. before you start believing in the military meritocracy our government wants you to think controls you, introspect.

once we can rise above the distracting blather, we begin to wake up. we are in the process of exposing myths that no longer serve us; we cannot ignore the psychic dreams any longer and force ourselves back into the blissful sleep of the ignorant. we must use all of the tools at our disposal to re-create our origin stories so we can truly own our futures.

conscious seeking, goalless intention, diligent diffusion, broadened awareness. I hesitate to make this didactic but wake the fuck up to the faltering falsehood of the separate self. in honor of the peaceful before us who so wisely paved the way, disembowel the institution by: mountain running in a state of self-love, painting as an act of gnosis, earning your turns as an affirmation of unity, child-rearing as an expression of purpose.