Hey Seattle peeps,

I'm making a business-related trip to the Wet Side 7-9 November - and I'm offering up a limited number of in-person gait analysis sessions while I'm there.

Gait work is square one for a runner of any level who seeks to become more efficient, injury-proof, and look more graceful to boot. Think running far (or near) has to be painful? Think again.

Expect an hour-long run and a short debrief for our first session. I'll follow that up with some 'homework' reminders and exercises on a private webpage created for you. Then, in ideally another month or two, we'll do another run and debrief. Put on your propeller hat for this run: I'll be sure to thoroughly equip you with all the scientific knowledge of your gait.

It doesn't have to hurt. Apply to join me on the trails below.