Spring snuck up on you! The time is here: time to be fit enough to send your project, run your first ultra, AND get enough rest so you don't flunk out.

That's where I come in. By signing up for coaching with Magnetic North you take the guesswork out of tackling your next daunting event. Having a clear plan for movement, recovery, and self-care will free you up to keep up in your professional life while feeling certain you're preparing in the right way as an athlete.

My longtime clients see improvement in their ability to consistently meet their goals; they experience value in having structure around their outdoor endurance pursuits. They appreciate having an athletic sounding board, a constant friend encouraging them to go deeper, and they enjoy learning a thing or two about the physiology of long, cold, and high.

Build some efficiency into your practice, sign up for a multi-month coaching package below. Two levels of coaching allow you to tailor the content and intensity of our engagement.