Magnetic North has five years of experience working with novice to professional alpine climbers, through-hikers, mountain guides, marathoners, pregnant athletes, ultra runners, backcountry skiers (okay, and some split-boarders), recovering triathletes, and US Military Special Forces. My clients experience resolution of long-time overuse injuries, completion of their endurance goals, and increased connectedness with their natural surroundings.

Basically, if what you do is in the mountains and requires any level of endurance I'm your coach.


Since the inception of this business in 2012, I've worked with first-time 5k runners to first ascentionists who have been at it since before I was born. My clients and I have partnered during times of adrenal fatigue, pregnancy, intense ambition, rewarding rest, pursuit of a lofty goal, and in review of the annals of a beloved daily routine. 

The athletes who benefit from engagement with Magnetic North choose different modes of ambulation - foot, ski, split-board, bike, ice, and batholith - but we work on the same thing:


the actualization of their full potential as spirit-athletes.


If you're looking for a quick fix, if you want me to do the work for you, if you don't believe in your own inherent magick, if you think bodywork is for fools, if you lack motivation then this coach is not for you. 

If you wake up after five hours of fitful sleep in a trench on a glacier with the full moon boring a hole in your eyelids and ready to charge, I'm your coach. If you've ever failed in the audacious pursuit of a big peak, you'd value my services. If you've ever hiked to the top of the Issaquah Alps and wondered what it would be like to walk on a glacier, your money would be well-spent here. If you love to run but think your knees/hips/IT bands/pelvic floor can't handle it anymore, I can get you back to a happy lope.

I believe in the endurance athlete's ability to thrive in the alpine environment. This belief in you knows no bounds of age, physical abilty, size, reproductive status, heritage, or place on the gender spectrum. I believe movement paired with yin is medicine, my medicine to deliver through this business to you, dear athlete.


Most importantly I believe in you.