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Hey you with the desk job, it is time to get outside.

a little weekday Fun, Mazama

a little weekday Fun, Mazama

When I read a recent Seattle Times article on the growth of sitting-intensive jobs I couldn't help but feel sad. Most people I know who have recently transplanted to the Seattle Area have two things in common: a love of the outdoors and a sitting-intensive job.

I can help you desk jockeys reconcile this difference.

After a ten-year career in the non-profit world, much of it spent at a 9-5 desk job in Seattle, I transitioned to being an elite athlete running a small business in a mountain town. During that decade spent working full-time and living in the city, I learned how to deftly navigate the world of training as a mountain athlete in the limited time I had available. These strategies include prioritization, periodization, recovery, and useful tips for business travel as an athlete. 

So, while you try to scheme your way out of the city and into a little cabin in the woods running, climbing, and skiing to your heart's content, engage me as your coach. My clients find our engagements help them get clear on training priorities and reduce their injuries thus spending all of their off-hours enjoying the mountains.

I've onboarded a whole passel of new clients this month so the next openings are in July. Snag one now and I'll be able to support your summer goals!

Brittany Aäe