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Featured in Tenkara Angler's autumn 2018 issue

Late summer in the Okanogan is a slow dance with high country trees barely holding on to green, wishing the song won’t end but knowing soon the snow will dampen all sound save for a high-pitched whine of the north wind leaning on nude branches. As such, I spend more time sleeping on the ground, touching stone, and casting flies in September than any other time of the year––and these hallowed highlands will be some of the first claimed by the cold white so I had to prioritize our goodbyes.

I am honored to have my work featured in Tenkara Angler’s fine publication for a second time this year! Want to learn how fishing teaches me to listen? Want to go on a journey with me, uncertain and on foot?

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Brittany Raven

Brittany Aäerun-fish-run