momboss to the max, Paige with Ronin (toddler) and Teo (babe)

I started making that deliberate connection between my mental health and my mountain practice.
— Paige Reyes

I have the pleasure of working with spirit-athletes who inspire the heck out of me. Let's just say after most of my client calls I find myself wallowing in a serious case of FOMO. In order to share the stories these inspiring people tell I decided to record a series of one-take audio interviews. For my first client interview I chose to introduce a fave longtime client Paige Reyes of Cashmere, Washington.

Paige and I first began working together while she was pregnant with her second child and it has been mutual inspiration ever since then. We first engaged during the first cohort of my Pregnant Athlete Ecourse and after the course concluded we began working together one on one. Weekly calls with this athlete are a dream come true.

Listen in to hear Paige drop wisdom on training postpartum, self-care, and her favorite recovery snack.


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*and a sneaky update since the time of recording:

Paige successfully passed her lead test at the climbing gym!*