The tiny beauties that you experience every day bring lightness to a dark experience.
— Emily Biolsi
Emily in her happy place

Emily in her happy place


TRIGGER ALERT: We discuss lacerations and miscarriages in this interview. Please consider your mental health and setting before pressing play.

Any mountain athlete who has experienced injury knows what it is like to feel like a failure, to feel daunted by the often lengthy prognosis for recovery, and most of us struggle to stay in a positive headspace while authentically experiencing the sadness that comes with being relegated to the couch. My client, Emily, turned her post-miscarriage running injury into a time of opportunity for her as an athlete.

Listen in to this week's interview for an uplifting example of athletic alchemy in action. Emily's story isn't a cliché silver lining spin, it is one of diligence and never abandoning herself during her processes of healing and of grief. 

Brittany Raven

1:57 Pregnant athleticism and miscarriage
3:05 The injury on her first 50K
8:06 Transforming pain into motivation
12:25 Connecting daily writing and endurance
13:11 Return to running
15:15 Embodiment during trauma
16:20 Emily’s advice for injured ultra runners



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