Pick up your trash. Out on a run today, which began on a remote Forest Service road, I came across over a hundred discharged pieces of ammunition in the road. I cleaned up, carrying the jingling ammo out in my running pack for a few miles.

For future target practice, we have a fantastic gun range available for use free-of-charge just outside Winthrop. It has a view of the mountains and there is rarely more than one person there at a time - the locals who use it are all friendly and helpful.

If you find you must shoot up a stump (God knows why 🤨), know the laws pertaining to discharging a firearm. It is illegal to shoot from, along, across, or down a road or trail (WAC 332-52-145). It is also illegal to litter (RCW 70.93.060), you're subject to up to a $5,000 fine if you do.

You never know when a lone runner will sneak up on your illicit target practice/littering bender and report your dumb ass to the local WDFW Enforcement Officer. I have his number in my phone. ✌🏻Be a good ambassador for the rest of the hunting community and clean up your shit. 

I am currently amidst a garbage cleanup project in the Chewuch River Drainage near my home. Follow along as I document it on my Instagram account.