Competition, whether in sport or business, is an artificial struggle contrived to make you believe in scarcity of love, resources, happiness, and ego-transcendence. Do not bow to the old guard; they maintain this structure to keep you in check, to limit your wild and sourceless power. By engaging in a competitive paradigm, you have bought into someone else’s vision of what your journey should constitute, you have been distracted from the point.

Comparative structures of achievement inherently divorce us from an experience of ‘with’, ‘through’, and ‘among’ by convincing us that we are ‘over’, ‘above’, and ‘against’ - this is a fallacy robbing each of us of our movements’ gnostic potential. When we compete we stop listening to our own wise voice and the voice of our shared body: the earth. If I was more concerned with someone else’s idea of how an elite athlete runs than with my own spirit’s journey in the forest, I might have missed this fresh bobcat track in the snow.

Though I prefer to do my ambulations sans people, you might choose to toss away the competitive paradigm of sport in a tight, co-creative partnership on the rope or in a pack of fellow forest freaks on the trail. The choice is yours. I challenge you to dismantle the anxious hungry ghost of comparison in your own mind today.