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Kim Gilsdorf client interview - My Body Is My Partner

It felt like every part of me was alive.
— Kim Gilsdorf

Happy Monday, readers,

I have a beaut of an episode for you today. Last week Kim and I sat down to reflect on her skiing, climbing, running pregnancy. In our concise conversation Kim drops all kinds of inspiring wisdom and highly-relatable stories about finding her love of climbing during her third trimester, learning to listen to her body, and how she applied her experience mountaineering to the event of birth.

This empowering conversation charged my batteries and I hope you gain a charge from our conversation too.

Brittany Raven

PS: This is a picture of Kim snowshoeing on Mount Rainier when she was 41 weeks pregnant!

Topics discussed in this episode:

2:45 All about Kim's pregnancy

5:46 "My body had its own story"

7:33 What CAN you do?

10:19 "My body is my partner"

11:45 Committed productive pain (MN Note: I got stoked!)

16:20 On summoning your own power

20:45 The research Kim found useful

23:48 Postpartum power

25:45 On setting boundaries

28:17 One piece of advice for pregnant athletes

I’m running, I’m out in the woods, and I’m giving life to someone at the same time. My body is amazing.
— Kim Gilsdorf