my Magnetic North, credit s. nelson

work refines us and helps us grow through our frustration. there is no time limit on the years we spend toiling, we may end our servitude at once if we see the clarity of our own independent path. the hope found in this small tomato plant fills me with hope, too. it bounces out of its soil in unbridled exhuberance in its race to hug the sun. it doesn't mind if it grows crooked and draws nutrients from the brown earth without apology.

working up tiger I've learned many lessons. most of all I learn each time I run the PooPoo Point Trail. it is not so very steep yet it is long and unrelenting. in the masculine paradigm in which many of us have been taught to function as athletes, we project our consciousness ahead of us in piercing focus on the future believing this is the key to success. when I do this, I concern myself with the image passersby will have of my performance or disabused of my potential power on the upcoming increase in grade. I've learned to remind my resonant feminine self that all I am is each pitiful footfall I currently move through, each breath that I'm now inhaling.