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samastittihi// equal standing: a mountain running retreat

"samastittihi is not standing, stillness, or doing nothing but the core of our perceptivity, the seed of our spiritual, intuitive knowing. as the beginning of movement tadasana is the core of unity consciousness--the very bedrock of Self."

Greetings seedlings,

Join me for a mountain running retreat at my new mountain center in the Snoqualmie rainforest. To honor vernal equinox, we'll focus on creating balance within the body and mind in preparation for the work of summer.

We'll exercise your body's pulley systems on jaunts in the hills then build meditative awareness of these miraculous muscle teams through an active anatomical tutorial and meditation clinic. Look forward to creek dunks in the clearest Cascade melt, delicious recovery meals, and a night under the stars (or the rainy sky tent, as the case may be).

Yours in faith.

alec vanderboomevent