fairyland, apr 2014

Just an announcement here! A few in the herd requested space held in the upcoming run series. I've created an online shop for MN. You may hold your place at my Square Shop.

Verdant wishes.

dispatch from the forest:

my soul felt happy and light after only eight hours of sleep, some black coffee, and lots of spring water; arrived at the trailhead feeling rooted and quite adiyashanti. worked efficiently uphill feeling the tribe behind me doing their sacred work, practicing their activities of awakening. needing no rests, we ran our regular route (plus new hill) the opposite direction as normal judging its terrain to be slightly more challenging. it was joyful indeed. I stopped many times to crouch toward the earth or fan myself to the sky (every piece of me bare to the warm morning's breath) and proclaim "I'm running in a springtime wonderland!" or "this is fairy territory!" and the like. 

on the bounding descent, M and I stopped in our mud-greased tracks. there was a family of the most perfect fresh ferns in various states of popping. some were still folded back on themselves, a few were on the edge of full unfurling, and others were in each stage of metamorphosis between indicating in stop time their cosmic progression. the family was the most uncapturably perfect shade of the newest freshest green. orange light from beneath violet clouds on the high Cascade horizon backlit each tendril into vibrational aliveness indicating its awakening and personifying the animated character of each hair on each stalk. we lingered to marvel at this, the first moment of spring. quintessentially spring. there is no way we could have photographed this moment with accuracy, with dignity. 

near the bottom of the valley, we found two purplish white trilliums and one still-flowerless trillium just emerged from the duff. paused noting their sacredness then bid each other well and departed lest we linger while traffic congealed.