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the first mountain running retreat

contrast therapy, Boxley Creek

Good day tribe,

Over the weekend, MN was pleased to host a first mountain running retreat entitled samastittihi//equal standing. We ran some fresh hills to misty summits, ingested glorious micronutrients and discussed their nutritional merits, contrast bathed in the creek, learned hands-on about our body's glorious pulley systems, practiced controlling our autonomic nervous systems in deep visualization practices, and, most importantly, cultivated a space of equal standing before the manic athletic joy of summer in the Pacific Northwest.

Participants' highlights included custom-made Ultimate Mountain Food, super cold creek dunking, and anatomy and physiology guided meditations. We each encountered challenges and talismen of inspiration along the journey this weekend; to close our retreat we tossed them in the stream together. By the end of the weekend, the fir rafters were ringing with our collective joy and fire for our respective mountain practices--each participant and host departed inspired.

I hope you all enjoy a few pictures of our time together. Stay tuned for many events in the coming season--my pump is primed and the ideas are flowing.

In spirit,

alec vanderboomevent