satisfied test subject pre-ice

Yo mountain piggies,

I've devised the Ultimate Mountain Food. 

It does not freeze, it does not melt, it is packable, it is high in calories, it is gluten-free and vegan. Most importantly, it tastes so good my testers find it palatable at altitude, during exertion, and even snacked on it when laying around home.

As your physiology shifts from experienced to elite endurance machine, you become increasingly able to burn fat during sustained activity. Good news as your glycogen stores peter out after about ninety minutes! The nut and coconut fats contained in this concoction paired with the hemp protein and cocoa carbs provide a balanced source of energy

I've just opened my posts for comment for this special occasion. First person to tell me where they'll take their food receives a flat of the Ultimate Mountain Food.

In health,