Way back in May MN hosted two retreatants in the whistling ponderosa forests of the Central Cascades for sitting, breathing, and silent time together entitled Forest's Lungs. We cultivated a sustainable personal mindfulness practice with guided short sits. We deepened our spirit body connection with fascial release sessions. We attained a state of yogic sleep and deep nervous system calming with extended bouts with yoga nidra. We rooted and rose with the roots and limbs of the trees. Singing wind and deer bounding marked our aesthetic and peaceful weekend in the hills. 

What surprised me most about the weekend was, for a group of runners and mountain athletes, we spent nearly no time talking about our bodily practices yet there was a silent agreement amongst all present that these foundational skills will provide a solid foundation of personal awareness (and the sense of oneness with our broader earth bodies) essential for outdoor practices.

Masuro Emoto says, "One should cultivate twice the gratitude as he does love," My gratitude, again, pours over for my brave clients who are willing to give their precious time to cultivating mountain skills with me. I am so very grateful.