capture from a Jacob Hase film

as I clocked a few heavy miles up a remote portion of the Methow River, dried barnaby ripped at my thighs and the scree-pocked path emitted puffs of dung, dust, and ground metals from beneath my quick feet. with the body fully leafed out for the autumn, there is only one way to evolve: within. turbulence returns to the winds and stormclouds ruffle summer's hot breath; autumn announces its arrival.

Want to run in the mountains but don't know where to start? 

Join a bevy of runners keen on transitioning from city to mountain. Together, we'll discuss strategies for running in the hills, in the dark, in the elements as we move in the forest.

This is a great way to transition from city to mountain for a beginner or to build more volume into your week as an intermediate practitioner.

You may reserve your spot here.


where once we learned of spring's advance
now the hints of autumn dance