the fall beginning, Aug 2014

you already train more than you work. the intensity is high, your recovery windows are growing shorter; you're feeling super dialed in the body so it is time to fine-tune the mind.

Humans sleep a third or more of our lives and most of us lose consciousness during that time. How powerful would your mind-body connection be if you could continue a state of meditative awareness while your body sleeps deeply? Lucid dreaming is the phenomenon of spontaneous or controlled conscious awareness in one's dreams. In these dreams you can do anything you please: scout an unclimbed peak you have your eye on, defy gravity and send your project, or test the feeling of tirelessly powerful lungs on the steepest hill you can imagine--you might even choose to exhale the aurora borealis in a state of rapturous love. Lucid dreaming comes in many forms and may even progress to dream yoga; each oneironaut's practice is curiously unique.

I've been lucid dreaming since I was six years old and believe its application to alpine climbing and mountain running to be one of the most exciting and unexplored frontiers of training. After introducing my former partner to lucid dreaming and helping him further cultivate his already strong visualization practices, I began promoting the use of oneironology (or oneiromancy, if you prefer) as part of an alpinist's training toolkit. 

burled wood, La Push

Given the extended time period for training in this way and its experimental nature, I'll offer this training module as a remote learning opportunity free of charge. Throughout six months of exercises and one-on-one check ins, participants can schedule up to two meetings to discuss progress or obstacles encountered along the way. I am unable to cultivate a student/teacher dynamic in this course as I feel after twenty-two years of practice that I am still juvenile in my mind's dream yoga potentials. We will, rather, shed light on one another's experience as you follow a loosely-formed series of waking and dreaming mental exercises. 

This course is for advanced practitioners of mountain sports and meditation alike. You'll find this material and resulting skill useful only if you have a strong spiritual connection to your alpine work.

I am excited to offer this experimental, cutting-edge program to a small cohort of practitioners. My heart is open to your response.

In spirit.