sunset over the Sawtooths, Mar 2015
MN moved to greener pastures: The Methow Valley! Stay tuned for new training events, fresh musings, seminars, collaborations, and guided runs offered in this space soon. In my topical posts, I'll begin to delve into some more complicated and motivating topics: gender in the mountains, how to endure, and why women are the ultimate endurance athletes.

During my first couple weeks out East, I scouted a lot of ski terrain by truck and behind a snowmobile, took some low-country runs, and began orienting myself to the drainages here. Though the high country access roads are still snowmobile country...

My first tow in to Washington Pass was exhilarating--and a great quad burner!

behind the machine, Mar 2015
Snowpack is still more than 100% of normal out here and witnessing summer alpine climbs in their winter clothes is unique. Corn cycles abound out here.

approaching Silver Star, Mar 2015
Just yesterday I was drawn up a spur stream off Twisp River during a recovery walk. Each rock butte warming itself in the sun, each snow-free bench in the Forest Service ribbon drew me on until I'd walked much farther than I'd intended. 

rest day amble, Sawtooths
If you're in the Valley, stop on by for a nutritious meal whipped up in my retro kitchen, a run in the sagelands, a ski up the Loup, or some delicious Blue Star! I'm stoked to take root in this new mountain community--glad to bring you along.