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we will soon be many

the kautz, rainier 2009
this isn't some pink-tinged mantra of self-respect running puddle-deep. this is a call to your deepest and most audacious desires, the ones you believe are beyond your physical ability. I challenge the male monopoly on fast, alone, cold, and long in the hills. draw up your courage and find an example of your own successes, build on it with more of your own successes. stop believing that competition defines the elite achievement. stop believing the power is outside of you. your mind, body, and soul are the answer to your most wonderous athletic puzzles.

the body's movement is only a proxy for the soul's movement. the fact that I move my body is rather unimpressive, the way I choose to do it and what I allow the mountains to do to me is powerful. how is more important than what. it is not unique and I hope it grows less unique as time passes. 

let's talk about the hills in realistic terms. it is time to stop trying to 'conquer', 'court', or 'devirginize' the peaks. this is demeaning to women, permits them no safe space in the mountain rhetoric. additionally, it is false. one can never effect the mountains, it is always the opposite. when experienced with authenticity, the mountains disrupt the athlete.

use every step to demonstrate your ethic.

we will soon be many.