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cyclic training basics workshop

Hello Methow Valley!

Dr. Sierra Breitbeil at Methow Valley Wellness Center has graciously offered her space for Magnetic North's first event in the valley. Maybe you're training for the Sunflower, your first triathlon, or just the summer's alpine climbing and you need a little strategy for your practice. This is a great introduction to strategic training for anyone who has experienced overuse injury, illness related to overtraining, and those who plain don't know where to begin working toward an athletic goal. I'll teach participants how to use each part of their hormonal cycles to maximum benefit (if applicable). We'll learn together how to harness the natural energetic and sport-specific fluctuations of the season change from spring to summer. There is a lot of opportunity to channel, folks!

During this community event we'll spend the first half learning about cyclic training theory for the endurance athlete and spend the last half developing individual training plans for the upcoming season. You'll leave with a solid plan in-hand! Light refreshments and tea will be served.

To hold your space drop me a line at

Sunrays to you all.


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