Last week I had a gait analysis meeting with a running and mountaineering client, Nick. Nick asked me not only about running and training but also about the spirit, dreams, what greenery he can eat that grows beside the trails, which is the lady fern and which is the sword, and most poignantly we discussed competition. My heart lit its tiny hearth fire, warming to no one but me, and I told him that his satisfaction increases my satisfaction, his accomplishment emboldens me, that the woods are an unlimited resource when we are kind to our infinite, shared body and each other.

During your preparations for that upcoming climb, run, or just because consider beginning with gait analysis and cyclic training support with me. This work makes my heart sing and it makes your practice stronger. Plus we'll encounter plenty of happy ferns or joyful sage--depending on which side of the Cascades is your home.

With oceans of gratitude.

Nick feeling his way around, Cougar

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