work + play
Last week a small group of Methow endurance animals welcomed MN at the cyclic training event. We munched on homemade cookies, sipped tea, and let the golden hour light our learnings about the intersection of planned rest, strategic training stimuli, radical self care, and joy. We then drafted preliminary training schedules and will reconvene in about a month to adjust and expand our plans. Thank you for a great first event in the Valley!

And winter finally happened at the Pass... the first week of May. I suited up for a spring ski in my Houdini, rock guide pants, and baseball hat only to find thick, dry flakes collecting on my brim and watch face as I skiied up in the flurry.

May snowstorm, credit R. Thomas
As we topped out at Blue Col the flat light lifted and revealed a perfect bluebird descent in light powder and the genesis of sastrugi. Carving turns down from 7400' I felt grateful for my ability to experience winter when it chose to come--on a gloomy Tuesday in May.

Other than the snow storm's final round of winter, the rest of life in the Valley is in full spring gyration: I've begun work on my sport project, mountaineering clients are lining up for preparatory gait work, friends swing through most weeks to bivvy in my driveway and rattle their gear on the way to the Pass, and I've started extracting my first wildcrafted medicine from the land surrounding my tiny house. This is a sassy season of life, I am glad for everything new.

barnaby constellation on Beltane, Rendezvous